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The student should access the SASUP site > Application for scholarships for higher education students (academic year 2022/2023) > form.

The student should email [email protected] attaching:

  • Proof of payment of the ticket;
  • Proof of the mobility social subsidy attributed to the beneficiary citizens, issued by CTT.

In the Autonomous Region of Madeira, under the "Island Student Programme", the student who buys a ticket through a travel agency with a protocol with the Regional Government of Madeira will have the mobility social subsidy value deducted from the ticket value. For students who choose this method:

  • The voucher issued by the travel agency (usually in the form of an advance or credit) replaces the voucher issued by CTT;
  • The value of the annual transport benefit will correspond to the value effectively paid and demonstrated by the student since the value of the social mobility allowance has already been discounted.

The student should email [email protected] with proof of cancellation of enrolment from the college.

You must complete the following steps:

  1. Make your application online;
  2. Wait for the analysis of the application that the SASUP will make;
  3. The list of admitted and not admitted candidates is published on the SASUP website;
  4. The applicant's Organic Unit will contact you.

To apply for a collaborators' scholarship, it is necessary to be enrolled at the University of Porto (undergraduate, master's or integrated master's degree).

It is an admission condition that the applicant's or household's annual per capita income does not exceed 25 times the value of the Social Support Index set for the current year.


Applications are made at the beginning of each semester. In the first semester, during September, and in the second semester, during February. The opening of applications is published on the SASUP website and social networks (Facebook and Instagram).

On the SASUP site, there is a link for filling in the application form (available when the notice of application opening is published), inserting the CV; the income declaration (IRS model 3) or similar in the case of foreign students; and the proof of enrolment at the University of Porto (SIGARRA print screen serves as proof).

The displaced scholarship students who have been granted complimentary accommodation and who wish to request the same benefit in the month of July (according to the provisions of Article 19, no. 6 of the Regulation for Awarding Scholarships to Higher Education Students), should, after the completion of the academic activities in that month, formalise the request to the SASUP, to the email address:: [email protected].

The request should be presented by the 15th of October.

The documentary evidence issued/confirmed by the academic services or the supervisor must be dated July or later.

We suggest you use the model application R.SB.43- Requerimento Pedido mês adicional do complemento de alojamento (Portuguese only).