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The quality of life of the academic community is, in short, an essential contribution to "ensure the cohesion and growth of the University of Porto", guaranteeing both the conditions for educational success and personal development and fulfilment.

SASUP's Executive Council - from left to right: Susana Ramos Duarte, José Miranda Coelho (Director) and Nuno Reis.

Director's Message

The Social Action Services of the University of Porto (SASUP) are the result of the consolidation of a remarkable path of social action policies, reflected in the continuous rethinking of strategies and in the framing and adaptation to the permanent and challenging demands of those for whom our action is paramount, the students.

The trajectory of the SASUP, which began in the University Centre of Porto more than half a century ago, shows that our intervention has been transformed, reflecting the different historical contexts that we have gone through, as a result of the different social policies, changes and challenges that have been presented to all the stakeholders of U.Porto.

Giving continuity to the challenges that have driven us to break the paradigm of inequalities in higher education, we highlight the strategic evolution of its fundamental role in the intervention with students in situations of socio-economic vulnerability, as well as in the concern with health, food, housing and well-being, creating conditions conducive to successful academic attendance.

SASUP marks the memory of an evolutionary and differentiating path, which will naturally endure in the testimonies of students, contributing to the construction of a fairer, more inclusive higher education, directed towards the well-being of the academic community.

The students we support will always be remembered for their academic achievements, but the success stories encourage us to reflect on our own role in the construction of higher education that is also opposed to the global development of students, to the promotion of their autonomy, to the strengthening of their self-esteem and to the search for solutions to overcome their difficulties and challenges.

Because each student continues to inspire our work, to motivate the search for more innovative responses and to expand our services to meet the most pressing needs, the SASUP intends its action to become increasingly civic, interdisciplinary, collaborative, intercultural, integrating innovative approaches, partnerships with other institutions, whether with other sectors of the state or with civil society organisations.

We are thus strongly committed to promoting a culture of care, proximity and inclusion, in a mission that requires everyone's commitment. We believe that investment in higher education will always be the best strategy to counteract generational immobility, promoting social cohesion and boosting the creation of new talent.

In a context that demands continuous, sustainable, balanced and socially responsible adjustment, reorganisation and modernisation, it becomes imperative to invest in quality, in the coherence of the internal attitude and in the reinforcement of external relations. It is within this objective that, with responsibility, transparency and rigour, we want to make available guiding information of easy and quick access to all the strands and areas of activity.

We want to open new paths, allowing each step to be a new option for the future.


SASUP wants to be recognised and perceived by the Academic Community for doing well, in the areas of its competence, improving the quality of life of students and applying principles of economic, social and environmental sustainability.


To implement School Social Action policies through components, support, benefits and services, contributing to favour the access and success of U.Porto's Students, applying positive discrimination policies for those who need it most.


  • Competence — which translates into doing well what we do;
  • Responsibility — being responsible in everything we do;
  • Proactivity — the ability to make things happen and to take the initiative;
  • Commitment — committed to students and the whole academic community.

What do we want?

To be committed to the students and the academic community and to humanise everything we do. Humanising from an internal perspective, creating a culture of teamwork and sharing, and humanising from an external perspective, of respect and consideration for everyone we work for.

  • Social Action Council
  • Director
  • Executive Board

Social Action Council:

  • Rector - António de Sousa Pereira
  • Director - José Miranda Coelho
  • Two representatives of the Student Associations of the U.Porto


  • José Miranda Coelho

Executive Board:

  • José Miranda Coelho
  • Susana Ramos Duarte
  • Nuno Reis

The SASUP is organised into Offices, Services, Units and Centres.


  • Management Support Office:
    Responsible: Cristina Martins
    Contact: [email protected]
  • Planning and Management Control Office:
    Responsible: José Miranda Coelho
    Contact: [email protected]
  • Quality and Continuous Improvement Office:
    Responsible: José Miranda Coelho
    Contact: [email protected]
  • Communication and Social Responsibility Office:
    Responsible: José Miranda Coelho
    Contact: [email protected]

Operations and Student Support Area

  • Accommodation Service:
    Responsible: Isabel Basto
    Contact: [email protected]
  • Food Service:
    Núcleo de Nutrição e Qualidade Alimentar
    Responsible: Susana Ribeiro
    Contact: [email protected]
  • Scholarships, Health and Welfare Service:
    Núcleo de Bolsas e Outros Apoios Sociais
    Núcleo de Saúde e Bem-Estar

    Responsável: Sotero Martins
    Contact: [email protected]
  • Maintenance and Buildings Nucleus:
    Responsible: António Sousa
    Contact: [email protected]
  • One-Stop Shop" Office:
    Responsible: Cristina Martins
    Contact: [email protected]

Financial, Administrative and Operations Support Area

  • Financial and Support Service:
    Computer and Information Technologies Unit
    Centre for Contract Management and Logistics
    Occupational Health and Safety Centre
    Assets and Inventories Nucleus

Responsible: Susana Ramos Duarte
Contact: [email protected]