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Initiatives - Youth Research Meeting – IJUP

A pioneering initiative in Portugal, the U.Porto Youth Research Meeting (IJUP) seeks to encourage 1st and 2nd cycle students to participate in scientific activity.

Promoted by the Vice-Rector for Research and Innovation and held since 2008, IJUP takes place annually in the second semester of each academic year.

During the event, students from the U.Porto have the opportunity to present and discuss the results of the projects they have participated in as part of their training. The research initiation programme aims to encourage the earliest possible involvement of U.Porto students in R&D activities throughout their university career.

Especially aimed at 1st and 2nd cycle students of the U.Porto, IJUP has the following objectives:

  • To facilitate students' contact with knowledge creation methodologies and their understanding of the specific dynamics of this process, enriching students' training and promoting new teaching/learning models;
  • To stimulate the approach of potential researchers to U.Porto's R&D groups, favouring the awakening of interest in scientific research;
  • To encourage the public discussion of the results of the work developed, supporting the participation of students in interdisciplinary scientific meetings, at the U.Porto or at partner universities;
  • Stimulate the incorporation of students from complementary areas of knowledge in R&D groups at the U.Porto, in order to develop multidisciplinary projects;
  • To give more visibility, both internally and externally, to the competencies of the various R&D groups at the U.Porto.