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Alumni - A connection for life

Completing a course at the University of Porto is a mark of prestige that graduates are expected to carry with them for life. For this very reason, U.Porto is committed to maintaining a close relationship with its former students, seeing them as ambassadors of the University and a fundamental link with civil society.

The end of the course means just one more step in the connection between U.Porto and its students.

Assuming the role of a bridge to the labour market, the University monitors the professional progression of its graduates by promoting employment/training/research opportunities and by conducting regular employability surveys.

In order to strengthen this bond, the U.Porto provides several information supports oriented to former students - including an online portal and a weekly newsletter - and regularly sponsors their return "home" through meetings that bring together the several generations of graduates. The U.Porto also uses the Linkedin platform to strengthen the relations of former students and to establish professional networks.

Among the advantages available to former students of U.Porto there are also special discounts in the access to continuous training courses, the same happening in sports and cultural activities promoted by the University.

To enjoy the full potential of belonging to the ALUMNI community at the University of Porto, former students must have their details updated in the large database of former students at the University of Porto. By joining the more than 90 thousand graduates who make up the University's Alumni "family", you will immediately receive regular information about the University, in addition to having access to other initiatives specially designed for this community.

The connection between the U.Porto and the former students is ensured, at a global level, by the Alumni and Complementary Funding Office, located in the University Circle (Casa Primo Madeira).

Locally, several faculties of the U.Porto provide services especially dedicated to their alumni:

FCUP Alumni Association

FEP Alumni Network

FEUP Alumni Portal


Gabinete Alumni e Financiamento Complementar

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