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UP.PT - Faculty of Architecture

Masters Degree in Digital Innovation for Design Practice

The Professionalizing Master in Digital Innovation for Design Practices (MDI) addresses several dimensions associated with the design practice in activities such as architecture, design or construction, covering fundamental and updated knowledge to understand, implement and lead digital transformation processes in these areas.

Considering the importance of the twin digital and climate transition, the course promotes knowledge, innovation and leadership in the professional / industrial sector in articulation with the university, involving the development of a design work applied to the practical resolution of problems of relevance to companies, ateliers and the industrial field in general. It promotes a set of fundamental skills towards the innovation in the design processes and products, covering topics such as computing; digital manufacturing; BIM; IoT; virtual and augmented reality; artificial intelligence; data science or entrepreneurship.

Through the post-labor regime, this Master allows participants to maintain a professional active life, facilitating the promotion of lifelong learning. The MDI also takes advantage of the collaboration between two Faculties (ISCTE-IUL and FAUP) and two cities (Lisbon and Porto), thus benefiting from the best knowledge, resources, and connections to the professional world that these institutions have to offer.

Job Opportunities

As a professionalizing Master's programme, the MDI involves the participation of a group of professional / industrial entities in its organization and in hosting the design work that confers the degree. Due to its thematic nature, and due to this partnership between the University and the Companies, the MDI presents unique conditions for favoring employability and/or professional development in the areas of Architecture (AEC) and Design.



Registration n.ºR/A-Cr 164/2021 in June 9, 2021


Date of publication of the accreditation decision: July 31, 2021

Validity of accreditation: 3 years

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Faculty of Architecture
Type of Course
Masters Degree
2 Semesters
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