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Turnitin is a tool that verifies the originality of academic works by comparing texts.

The submitted documents are analysed against different references in Turnitin’s database (webpages, student’s works, journals, publications, etc.). A similarity report is created describing the similarities found between the texts. It is used as a detailed analysis of the content that might not be authentic.

This software is accessible in two ways, taking into account different objectives:

  • Moodle U.Porto – for submitting student work
  • Institutional Authentication (AAI) – for U.Porto lecturers and researchers who want to check their scientific work

Access via Moodle U.Porto

  1. Log in to the information system
  2. Go to your personal page and choose the lateral option "Moodle {indication of the academic year}"
  3. You will be sent automatically to Moodle U.Porto

Access via Institutional Authentication

  1. Go to Turnitin Platform;
  2. You will be forwarded to FCCN’s Institutional Authentication page, where you should indicate the institution you work with - "University of Porto"
  3. Then, you will be sent to the institutional authentication page of the University of Porto (AAI). Please enter your login in the format up[123456789]@[institution][1] and the password of the Information System
  4. From that moment, you will be logged in to the Turnitin platform.

Watch the explanatory video about how to access Turnitin using institutional authentication and how to create an assignment.

Procedure to access Turnitin using institutional authentication and how to create an assignment (portuguese only)

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  1. The numbers represent your student/mechanographic number and "institution" represents your home institution (cdup, arq, fade, fba, fc, fcna, direito, fe, fep, ff, fmd, fpce, icbas, letras, med, reit, sas or sp).

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Last update: February 28, 2020