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U.Porto makes certain applications available for the academic community throughout the campus.

  1. Go to
  2. You will be sent to the institutional login page where you should log in using the format up[123456789]@[institution][1] and use the password of the Information System.
  3. Consult and instal the available software according to your needs.


The antivirus solution ESET Endpoint Protection should be used to protect institutional computers, servers and the personal computers of students and staff, ensuring the safety of the machines that interact with the U.Porto network and services.


Autodesk Education Community is a set of drawing tools that can only be used in the context of education and research.

Installations on the personal computers of students, staff and researchers require a pre-registration in Autodesk. Then it is necessary to download the desired applications.


It enables you to save, organise and use bibliographic references when writing documents. With EndNote, it is possible to search online in bibliographic databases and associate different types of files to the references. The integration of this tool with MS Word facilitates the creation of scientific documents.

Desktop version

It is available as described above.

Web version

Register at using your institutional email.

iPad version

Download the application on the EndNote Downloads page and register with EndNote Web credentials to synchronise information.

Additional resources


A tool used to provide support to the management and development of research designs. It is available on the Idea Puzzle website and can be accessed upon pre-registration using an institutional email.

Available features:

  • Gives structure to research designs and reviews in any field of knowledge
  • Supports the management and development of research designs
  • Facilitates learning and teaching on the subject of research methods
  • Increases scientific productivity in terms of projects and publications

IdeaPuzzle offers a prize of 1000€ to the best doctoral research design created with the application.


The licencing of Microsoft® Enrollment for Education Solution (EES) offers the Microsoft® 365 A3 Education package, which includes the following services:

  • Office 365 A3 (with rights to Office Professional Plus)
  • Windows 10 Education A3
  • Enterprise Mobility Security
  • Windows CALs and Productivity CALs

These services can be used on institutional computers, as well as on the personal computers of Knowledge Workers (staff) of the Institutions that are subscribed to them with a valid agreement. In case the institutional affiliation ends, the products installed under this condition must be uninstalled. In relation to the Windows operative system, its use is only possible on computers that already have a valid Windows (OEM) or MacOS licence.

The contract signed with Microsoft® also includes licences for various helpful products, according to what is indicated by the different university institutes. In particular, licences are available for Windows Server, Exchange Server, SQL Server, SharePoint and System Center. In certain cases, these licences have to be complemented with additional CALs when they are not included in the basic package.

Next, we will present the additional benefits included in the subscription of Microsoft® EES.

Joining Microsoft®'s cloud

Students and staff can join Microsoft's enterprise cloud by creating a U.Porto Office 365 account; this can be done in the user's personal page in the Information System, using the "Office 365 Account" option on the sidebar. Once the process is completed (processing can take up to 24h), the user can execute Office 365 in the cloud or download it to his/her personal computer. On each account, downloads are limited to 5 per PC or MAC.

Some Microsoft® cloud services associated with the Office 365 account:

  • Use of OneDrive for file storage (1 TB)
  • Access to a business mailbox on Exchange Online (50 GB)
  • Use of SharePoint Online to create and access internal collaborative websites
  • Use of Yammer as the institution's private social network.

Teaching and learning support

The EES programme provides access to Azure Dev Tools for Teaching and facilitates the use of professional development tools, software and services in the educational process by lecturers and students in the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).

Previously known as Microsoft® Imagine (ex-DreamSpark, ex-MSDNAA), this programme offers the training and learning materials needed for academic education in a single online portal and without any associated costs.

The benefits available under this programme are exclusively for the purpose of teaching, learning and research. They cannot be used to support departmental infrastructure. The platform offers various development and test tools where Microsoft® Office is not included.

Azure Dev Tools for Teaching offers:

  • Access to the platform of development tools and software for desktop computers and servers, as well as technical support.
  • Special installation rights of the various products in departmental laboratory computers for the purpose of training and research.
  • The possibility, for students and staff, to instal software in their personal computers so they can use it for teaching, learning and development projects.
  • Online access to all Azure Dev Tools for Teaching content.

It is possible to join this programme within the framework of EES, but it not automatic. If you are interested in joining the programme, register on Azure Dev Tools for Teaching and accept the terms of use. Access to the programme presupposes that the user already has a U.Porto Office 365 account.

Consult Azure Dev Tools for Teaching FAQ.

Acesso to Azure by students

The Microsoft® EES programme includes Azure for Students online solutions, which gives students the possibility to create their personal projects. The student can create a free account on Azure, which includes various services for 12 months, additional credit to explore any Azure service for 30 days and access to several services for free.

Consult the use and eligibility conditions.

Technical training

Microsoft® Learn is a free online learning platform, which lets you discover Azure technologies at your own rhythm and, in that way, improve individual skills. Learning paths can be defined using modules of different levels that lead to an acknowledged certification or to more advanced studies.


The Statistical Package for Social Sciences is a set of tools for data processing and statistical analysis.

The software can be installed on students' computers (as long as they are enrolled in a Course/Cycle of Studies), as well as on the computers of lecturers and staff (as long as they are registered in the Information System with an "active" status.

It includes the following modules:

  • Statistic Base
  • Categories
  • Conjoint
  • Data Preparation
  • Exact Tests
  • Forecasting
  • Neural Networks
  • Advanced Statistics
  • Complex Samples
  • Custom Tables
  • Missing Values
  • Regression


  1. The numbers represent your student/mechanographic number and "institution" represents your home institution (cdup, arq, fade, fba, fc, fcna, direito, fe, fep, ff, fmd, fpce, icbas, letras, med, reit, sas or sp).

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