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Digital Certificates for Grid

Issuance of certificates for Grid components and services at U.Porto.

The following certificates are available:

  • Grid Premium - for users of Grid infrastructures.
  • Grid Host SSL UC - the same as the eScience SSL server certificate.
  • Grid Robot Name - for users that need a robot by default.
  • Grid Robot Email - for teams collaborating with other teams that deal with incidents (CSIRT with the capacity to respond in one workday, at least).
  • Grid Robot FQDN - for OV (Organisation Validation) vetted servers, administered by third parties that can respond in one workday.

Requesting a digital certificate

  1. Make a request for the creation of a personal account by sending an email to csirt@uporto.pt.
  2. As soon as you receive your account information, use it to access the DigiCert Portal.

More information:

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Last update: November 22, 2019