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Printing Service

The printing system of U.Porto is called U.Porto's Unified Printing Service.

Printing, photocopying and scanning are available on a self-service basis. Only users who have loaded their printing quota to execute the job have access to this service.

The printing system platform is available in the following Constituent Bodies:

  • FADEUP - Faculty of Sports
  • FAUP - Faculty of Architecture
  • FBAUP - Faculty of Fine Arts
  • FCNAUP - Faculty of Nutrition and Food Sciences
  • FCUP - Faculty of Sciences
  • FDUP - Faculty of Law
  • FEP - Faculty of Economics
  • FEUP - Faculty of Engineering
  • FMDUP - Faculty of Dental Medicine
  • FMUP - Faculty of Medicine
  • FPCEUP - Faculty of Psychology and Education Science
  • REIT - Rectory

The printing service has its own website ( where the user can log in to view information.

There are two ways to print documents: the traditional way using print queues or via WebPrint.

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Last update: July 27, 2023