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Personal data

Information that can be associated with a specific person is considered personal data. In this matter, U.Porto is governed by a Privacy Policy and a Personal Data Protection Policy.

Personal Data Processing

Personal Data Processing involves collecting, registering, organizing, preserving, consulting, disclosing or deleting data, among other activities. If you need to perform some kind of personal data processing related to your academic activities (carry out surveys, manage event registrations, conduct clinical studies, etc.), you should:

  1. Fill in the application for authorisation to process personal data.
  2. Attach all documentation that facilitates analysis (survey, consent models, project activity plan, etc.)
  3. Send all information to the email address of the Data Protection Unit.

More information

If you have any doubts related to how U.Porto processes your personal data, you can send an email to the Data Protection Unit or to the Data Protection Officer.

More information:

Data Protection

Last update: November 19, 2020