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Indexation of Scientific Journals

The indexation of scientific journals enables you to include journals on databases that are appropriately organised. This makes it easier for you to perform searches and facilitates the association of bibliometric indicators. It also increases the visibility of the journals and verifies the quality of the contents.

  1. Send the indexation request for a scientific journal to [email protected] with the subject “Indexation of Scientific Journal”./li>
  2. Please include the following information in the email: location of the journal, periodicity, editorial board and ethical statement.
  3. Then, the submission requirements of the database are identified and, together with the person in charge of the journal, the application is prepared and submitted to be verified by the indexation database (WoS, Scopus, and others).
  4. The time taken for the journal to be approved depends on the database of indexation.

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Last update: November 25, 2019