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Virtual Machines to Support Teaching and Research

Content for lecturers

Currently, this service is only available at FEUP.

The creation of virtual machines depends on the existence of hardware resources. This service is not intended for high performance computing.

Please observe that:

  • The machines that support teaching are valid for one semester or one academic year.
  • The machines that support projects are active until the project ends.
  • The user is responsible for the management of the machine and for backups.
  • You can only instal open source or licenced software.
  • Linux machines are accessed using the SSH key.

Requesting a virtual machine

The lecturer responsible for the course unit or project should send an email to [email protected] indicating:

  • The intended use of the machine.
  • The expiration time.
  • The necessary hardware resources (CPU, RAM and hard disk).
  • The operating system.

More information:

Systems Administration and Operations

Last update: November 25, 2019