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Microsoft Office 365 (Students)

Content for students

U.Porto's subscription to Microsoft® Office 365 gives you access to collaborative work tools like:

  • Email account;
  • Storage space;
  • Word (word processor);
  • PowerPoint (presentation creator);
  • Excel (spreadsheet).

How to access Microsoft® Office 365 services

  1. Go to Microsoft® Office 365 Portal;
  2. Log in using the format up[123456789][1];
  3. You will be sent to the login page where you should log in using the format up[123456789][1] and the password of the Information System;
  4. Use Microsoft® Office 365 services as usual.
  5. When you are done, close your browser window to log off.


  1. The numbers represent your student/mechanographic number.

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Last update: May 5, 2021