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Changing the password

For security reasons, change your Information System password regularly.

The password is personal and untransferable. Do not give it to others.

  1. Log in to the Information System;
  2. Go to your personal page and choose the "Change Passwords" option on the sidebar in the "Administration" menu.
    Change passwords
    Change passwords

Follow our advice to create a secure password.

Note that some faculties do not allow password changes through the Information System. If that is your case, contact the Helpdesk directly.

Recovering the password

If you insert an invalid user and/or password, the following message is presented

“Authentication failed… User / password is not valid.
If you forgot your password, you can request its recovery using this link.”

Use that link (a specific link for each faculty) to recover your password.

Recovering the password
Recovering the password

You only need to insert your student/mechanographic number or the alternative email address used in the Information System. If you did not present an alternative email, the institutional email is used.

The following instructions will be sent by email (alternative or institutional).

Resquesting a password change
Resquesting a password change

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Last update: January 8, 2020