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You can find the content and the information you are looking for by using the search bar.

To make your search more efficient, use terms and keywords related to the subject you are searching for (eg. vpn, eduroam, microsoft office, security, etc.).

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If the search did not help you, create a ticket to request support at

You can also ask for support by sending an email to [email protected]. Please use your institutional email. We will take care of the rest.

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In this case, contact the specialized technical teams available on our contact list.

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Are you unable to get the support you need online?

The University of Porto has local Helpdesks, with specialized technicians who will provide all the support you need.

Check out Campus IT and see which Helpdesk location is closest to you.

Useful Contacts

IT support

220 408 888

Data Protection

Educational Technologies

220 408 191

Support for Students with Special Educational Needs

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