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Projects - EUGLOHRIA

The "European University Alliance for Global Health - Transformation through Joint Research and Innovation Action" (EUGLOHRIA) project, launched in 2021, concluded three years of intense cooperation between the research and innovation ecosystems of the EUGLOH Alliance partner universities.

Funded with 2 million euros by the European Commission through the Horizon 2020 programme, action "Science With And for Society", the project received a positive evaluation from the European Research Executive Agency (REA).

Led by the Université Paris-Saclay, EUGLOHRIA involved five founding universities: U.Porto, Lund University, LMU Munich and the University of Szeged. During the project, 40 activities were organised, including workshops, conferences and virtual visits, which facilitated research partnerships and the exchange of best practices.

The EUGLOHRIA project is part of the efforts and achievements of the EUGLOH Alliance to establish a European University focused on Global Health, extending its design to the dimension of 'Research and Innovation'. The actions coordinated within this Alliance centred on transformational modules of a joint Research & Innovation agenda, sharing infrastructures and resources, and promoting cooperation between Academia and Business.

FEP coordinated the area of the project dedicated to relations between Academia and Business, under the academic leadership of Professor Miguel Sousa.

U.Porto stood out for its significant contribution through its associated organisations, such as i3S, INEGI, INESCTEC, ISPUP and UPTEC. This working group led by U.Porto and coordinated by Professor Miguel Sousa responded to one of the institutional transformation modules identified in the call for proposals for this line of funding, dedicated to promoting cooperation between Academia and Business.

Among U.Porto's achievements are the development of an action plan for EUGLOH's academia-business-society networks, the launch of a report on best innovation practices and the organisation of the "European Symposium Innovation in Global Health".

The REA evaluation highlighted EUGLOHRIA's strategy as an example of scientific excellence and collaboration, promoting the modernisation and internationalisation of partner universities. Looking to the future, the results of EUGLOHRIA inspire new collaborative initiatives in research and innovation within the EUGLOH Alliance, which now includes nine partner universities.

For more information on EUGLOHRIA, visit the project website.