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Registration | Enrolment

Enrolment in any cycle of study or continuing education course at FEP is done on-line, using the platform available on FEP's website.

At the time of registration/enrolment, or of enrolment renewal, the student must:

  1. Select their desired programme load (full-time or part-time);
  2. Select the curricular units you wish to enrol in, respecting the annual and per semester ECTS limits that correspond to your chosen attendance regime;
  3. Request, if you fulfil the eligibility conditions and wish to do so:
    1. U.Porto student-worker status;
    2. Special educational needs status;
    3. Accreditation of previous training and professional experience;
    4. If applicable, provide proof that you have submitted scholarship applications to the responsible entities (DGES or FCT);
    5. Pay the school insurance fee;
    6. If enrolling in a 3rd cycle programme of study, pay the registration fee;
    7. Pay tuition fees according to your selected payment plan.

Students should request their student card at the time of registration/enrolment. The card is essential for accessing the various services that FEP offers. The request of the card is done on your personal page on Sigarra in the option "U.PORTO card". You can find more information about the associated benefits here.