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Organization - Pedagogical Innovation Committee

This is an advisory body that promotes best pedagogical practices among the FEP's educational community, with the aim of preparing students for an ever-changing global and technological world.

Comissão de inovação Pedagógica

The Pedagogical Innovation Committee is aligned with the axes of action defined by the University of Porto for Pedagogical Innovation, namely:

  1. developing the pedagogical component in teaching staff activity;
  2. promoting the improvement of educational models adopted in study cycles and curricular units;
  3. valorising and stimulating research in the educational models adopted;
  4. valuing the development of transversal competences in educational models;
  5. valuing pedagogical excellence in the national and international context.

The following objectives have been defined for the 23/24 and 24/25 school years:

  • training the educational community in the use of technologies to support the economy and management, with a particular focus on Artificial Intelligence;
  • promoting active learning methodologies, including the creation of teaching spaces with flexible furniture, easily adaptable to different educational models;
  • building and equipping creative spaces that stimulate digital competences and soft skills in teachers and students;
  • encouraging international certification of students and lecturers in English;
  • promoting and enhancing the links between lecturers and students and consultancies and technology-based companies.

The Pedagogical Innovation Committee is made up of the following members:

  • Nuno Alexandre Meneses Bastos Moutinho;
  • Bruno Miguel Delindro Veloso;
  • Vítor Manuel da Costa Carvalho;
  • Ricardo Gil Moreira Faria;
  • Nuno Miguel de Meio Machado.