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Urban Green Infrastructure - New Approaches to Planning and Management This course is not active.

In recent decades, green infrastructure has assumed an increasingly important role due to its recognized ability to address a wide range of environmental, social, and economic issues. Specifically in the field of public health, the contribution of well-planned and managed green infrastructure has been highlighted: "Children who are more exposed to green spaces show better levels of biological markers than those with limited contact with these spaces," concludes a study involving 3100 children, aged 7, born in the Porto Metropolitan Area. However, the interconnections between green infrastructure and the constantly growing and changing urban fabric, the intensification of global challenges such as climate change, and the emergence of new concepts such as ecosystem services have introduced increasing complexity to its planning and management. This course aims to provide innovative tools and concepts in planning and management, enabling an integrated and multi-thematic approach to implementing, requalifying, or improving urban green infrastructures.

Type of Course
Continuing Training Unit
162 Hours

All the information presented relates to 2023/2024