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Study Mobility/Internship - Mobility OUT

All FADEUP students can experience academic/scientific mobility during their studies. It's an opportunity to get in touch with other cultures while complementing their academic training and expanding their skills simultaneously.

Students interested in a period of mobility abroad must remember that there are specific rules for mobility in the context of studies or internships. Calls for participation in the various Mobility Programmes are published annually.

All mobility processes are managed by the Cooperation and External Relations Unit, to which they can turn for any necessary support or clarification.

Come and meet us and be part of this academic community!

Every academic year, in December (Studies) and February (Internships), notices of pre-applications for the Mobility Programmes (Studies/Internships) for the following year will be published.

These notices will contain all the information on eligibility and pre-application procedures/ deadlines. They will be publicised via the Faculty's online page, social networks and institutional email.

Any pre-application submitted outside the stipulations of the notices will have to be authorised by the Mobility Coordinator at FADEUP and will permanently lose priority in terms of funding (when this is provided for by the programme to which you wish to pre-apply).

Once you have been selected, you will need to formalise your application. To do this, follow the steps below.

Step 1 - Fill in the Application Form
To fill in all the fields of the Application Form, the student must have the following documents/information:

  • Bank Identification Number (IBAN). This is obtained from the bank's branch and must include the following information: the holder's full name, the bank's full address, the name of the branch and the BIC/SWIFT (ATM receipts will not be accepted);
  • Citizen's Card (CC) and/or Passport;
  • Tax Identification Number (NIF);
  • European Health Insurance Card (EHIC);
  • Name and contact details of the Attorney (the person who represents you in matters relating to the mobility process in Portugal during your stay abroad);
  • Login and password to access SIGARRA.

Only with ALL these elements can the student proceed to the appointment at the FADEUP services to fill in the Online Application Form.

The plane ticket is, in fact, one of the most expensive parts of any trip. To minimise this cost, the student should research online and in travel agencies to find the best option and price for the trip.

  • Travelling;
  • Temporary accommodation (if permanent accommodation is not guaranteed on departure for the Partner University);

European Health Card / Private Insurance

The European Health Card is the document that guarantees medical assistance during temporary stays in all the states of the European Union, the European Economic Area and Switzerland. The student must, therefore, ensure that he/she has this document and that it is valid throughout the mobility period. The student must request it from the Social Security/ADSE services.

In countries where the EHIC is not valid, or if the student wishes to secure private medical assistance in case of need, they should take out private health insurance. Please note that this insurance is compulsory for some destinations/countries outside the European Union.


The plane ticket is one of the most expensive parts of the whole journey. To minimise this cost, the student should research online and in travel agencies to find the best option and price for the trip.


If the host university does not provide accommodation for the student during the study period, the student will have to find a place to live on arrival. In this case, we recommend that, at the outset, the student secure accommodation in a hotel/guesthouse/hostel for the first few days until they find permanent accommodation.

This is the general information on the procedures the student should carry out in preparation for their mobility.

However, before departure, the services will hold a clarification session where students can ask questions.

Inscrição na FADEUP /Pagamento das Propinas na FADEUP

The students are responsible for enrolling at FADEUP and paying the relevant fees/insurance. To do this, contact the FADEUP's Academic Services before departing to ensure everything is in order.

1st - Registration at the Host Institution
You should go to the mobility office at the host institution or to the person responsible for mobility in order to register and find out about all the necessary procedures;

2nd - Completion / Submission of the Statement Period of Studies
The "Statement Period of Studies" is a document that certifies the date of arrival / departure at the Host Institution. This document, duly completed and signed, should be sent by email to [email protected]

The original document must be kept so that it can be signed on your return to FADEUP and handed in to the International Relations Service of the Rectorate of the University of Porto (SRI-REIT).

Without this original document, the mobility will not be finalised, and academic recognition will not be granted. This document must be printed from each student's computer platform:

  • Enter SIGARRA;
  • In the top right-hand corner, log in with your existing login and password;
  • Click on your name, which will appear at the top right;
  • Click on "Mobility", which will appear in the bar on the right;
  • Click on the symbol that will appear in the centre of the screen, in front of "Statement Period of Studies";
  • View this document in "Print version";
  • Print this document;
  • Fill in the requested information;
  • Authenticate with the signature and stamp of the person responsible for mobility at the partner university;
  • Send by e-mail to [email protected];
  • Keep the original;
  • When you return to FADEUP, you must fill in the same document in the field relating to the end of the mobility period and again collect the Signature and Stamp of the person responsible for mobility at the Partner University;
  • Bring this document by hand and hand it to the Cooperation and External Relations Unit;

3rd - Verification of the Original Study Plan

The student will have to check the compatibility of the previously agreed-upon curricular units in their Original Study Plan with the person responsible for mobility at the Partner University.

To make any changes (if necessary), they will need to send an email to [email protected] informing them of the incompatibility and providing the following data:

  • Reason for incompatibility;
  • Code, name and credits of the proposed course to be cancelled;
  • Code, name and credits of the proposed course to be added;

You will have 15 days (this period will be counted from the date on the Statement Period of Studies) to make any changes (if necessary).

Changes to the Original Study Plan will not be accepted after the deadline.

4th - Formalisation of Amendments to the Initial Study Contract (if necessary)

Once the changes have been accepted by those responsible for the Mobility Programme at FADEUP, the student will receive the documents to formalise these changes by email.

They must sign them and collect the signature and stamp of the Host University. Afterwards, they should also return them via email to the following address [email protected].

Changes will only be accepted when duly authorised by FADEUP. Changes that the services are unaware of or have not been approved will not be accepted.

Before returning to FADEUP, the student should take the following into account:

  1. Communicate your return date.
    The student must inform the host institution (the person responsible for mobility) of the return date to Portugal.
  2. Certificate of Notes/Transcript of Records.
    The student must bring the "Certificate of Grades/Transcript of Records" duly stamped and signed by the person responsible at the host university. This certificate must include the name of the subjects you have enrolled in, the credits associated with each one and the respective local classification.
    Without this original document, the ratings cannot be transposed ( Regulation - Student Mobility OUT (U.PORTO) Transcription of Records: Conversion of Host University Grades to the 10-20 Numerical Scale);
    The students are responsible for promptly ensuring that this original document reaches the services.
  3. Fill in the Period of Studies Statement.
    The student must bring the "Statment Period of Studies" (original) duly completed, signed and stamped by the Host University;
  4. Finally, the student must also comply with all the procedures requested by SRI-REIT and duly transmitted by that Service to finalise the Mobility. Failure to comply with any of these procedures will prevent the student from finalising the Mobility with all the consequences that this will entail.