july 15-16, 2021

Digital DAYS

The Digital Days, an event jointly organised by FCUP and FEUP, are the ideal opportunity for national and foreign companies to strategically position themselves in the digital talent market in the North of Portugal.

This event will consist in three main initiatives:

  • Digital Talent Fair // virtual fair for recruitment and interacting with the most talented students and graduates from digital areas attending FEUP & FCUP;
  • DEI Open Day // showcase of the education and research activities with the purpose of exploring opportunities of collaboration with the Informatics Engineering Department (DEI) at FEUP;
  • DCC Open Day // presentation of the research and training valences as well as ways of collaboration with companies of the Department of Computer Science (DCC) at FCUP.

Digital Talent AT U.PORTO

The University of Porto (U.Porto) was a pioneer in the digital Technologies in the country, having acquired the first computer in the Academia in the late 1960s. That innovative spirit endures over time, as proven by the organisation in Porto, in 2019, of the most prestigious computer programming competition in the world.

The academic community of the U.Porto in digital areas is one of the largest in the country, with more than 2500 students, enrolled in 30 bachelor, master and doctoral programmes, with more than 12% being international, from 34 nationalities. Thus, every year the University places over 500 graduates in these areas in the labour market, 25% of which are female.

Digital Talent Fair

virtual fair

July 15-16, 2021 // afternoon

The Digital Talent Virtual Fair is a part of Digital Days programme which will allows direct contact between Students and FEUP/FCUP Graduates in digital areas (in the various degrees and profiles offered by the U.Porto) and the national and foreign companies.
During the July 15 -16 afternoons, visitors will be able to find job offers in diferrent companies and webinars with the possibility of direct chat with professionals from the world of work, promoting digital talent at U.Porto and their own career.


july 15 - 16, 2021 // morning
july 16, 2021 // afternoon

The Departments of Informatics Engineering (DEI-FEUP) and Computer Science (DCC-FCUP) will open their doors in a programme of virtual activities, in which the research and training valences will be presented, and ways of collaboration with companies will be discussed. In the morning of 15th july will take place the activities of DCC-FCUP (DCC Open Day), while DEI-FEUP ativities (DEI Open Day), will happen in morning and afternoon of 16th july.

The registration in these activities (on the buttons below) is free of costs.