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Recommendations to International Students

International students who are considering a possible return to their home country during the period in wich the University of Porto has suspended indefinitely all face-to-face teaching activities, should make his or her decision individually, in a thoughtful way, consulting their respective families.

Nonetheless, when deciding, we ask that you take into consideration the following factors:

1. Classroom activities have been suspended indefinitely and it’s completely impossible to foresee a specific date for a return to normality;

2. Whenever possible, teaching activities will carry on via digital tools. Obviously, those can be followed in Portugal or in any other country, as long as the student has means of access to the internet;

3. It is assured the continuation of the services provided by the canteens and residences of the University of Porto’s Social Services (SASUP), to guarantee the necessary support to all students and staff.

4. In the coming weeks, residents in Portugal will be advised to maintain home isolation and avoid any unnecessary travels. Usual public or socializing areas (as in restaurants, malls, cinemas, etc.) will be closed or limited in capacity. Therefore, each student should evaluate if they are comfortable with living this isolation period in Portugal;

5. More and more countries, like the USA or Italy, are limiting or prohibiting the arrival and/or departure of flights. The situation in Portugal or in your country of origin may evolve in this direction soon and without notice.

6. Portugal has a national public health system, of universal access, that attends to all its residents in the same way and practically without costs, whereby access to treatment or medical care is the same for nationals or foreigners;

7. International students in mobility programs that opt to cancel their period of studies and return to their home country should articulate this return, as soon as possible, with their home institution (University, Faculty, Institute, etc.), since this might have consequences in the initially agreed academic recognition and the received bursary (when applicable).

In any way, we advise that you always follow the information and recommendations to travelers available in the Foreign Affairs Ministry’s website of your country or that you contact directly your embassy in Portugal to obtain any further clarifications.

Doubts and questions about the continuation of teaching activities, be it classes, internships or investigation projects, should be clarified with your supervisor or cycle of studies’ director.

All international students that decide to stay in Portugal should, as the whole Portuguese population, strictly follow the recommendations of the Portuguese health authorities and contact the free Linha de Saúde 24 (+351 808 24 24 24 / [email protected]) when experiencing symptoms possibly related to the virus. All those currently residing in Portugal are subject to the strict compliance of the periods of isolation advised by health authorities.

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