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Recommendations from the U.Porto COVID-19 Task Force

Decree no. 3-C/2021 of 22 January [text only avaiable in Portuguese], which stipulates the suspension of in-person academic and non-academic activities at higher education institutions, exempts exam periods already underway.

Activities at U.Porto facilities have complied with all the current health regulations and have not posed an increased risk of infection. This has been demonstrated by the fact that there has been no outbreak in COVID cases at the university since the start of the academic year and the rise in the number of cases amongst the academic community is lower than that in the general population. Nevertheless, the U.Porto COVID-19 Task Force would like to ask all members of the academic community for their understanding of the particularly difficult time that the country is going through and to make sure that each one takes additional care to adhere to the crucial precautions required to protect your health and the health of others.

We therefore recommend the following for students taking in-person exams during this period:

if you have any symptoms of a respiratory infection, even if they are mild, do not take the exam and inform the course director or head of the curricular unit of your situation;

travel should be limited to strictly necessary journeys between your residence and the examination venue;

– use public transport at off-peak times whenever possible;

always wear your mask;

ensure physical distancing at all times, paying special attention when entering and exiting examination venues;

clean your hands regularly, especially before entering and after leaving examination venues;

do not eat any food around others unless you are suitably distanced from them.

Only with your cooperation will we be able to ensure that U.Porto remains safe!

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