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New measures under the State of Emergency (January 2021)

Following the recommendations issued today by the Ministry of Science, Technology and Higher Education (available in Portuguese), which directs the implementation of temporary measures under the State of Emergency at Higher Education institutions, the University of Porto will immediately take the following actions:

  • ensure that all exams considered urgent go ahead in secure conditions, bearing in mind that for most faculties the first exam period will come to a close on Saturday, 23 January;
  • allow for exams that did not take place to be rescheduled for a date when it is possible to take the exam in person or at a distance, according to each faculty’s specifications;
  • recommend that the second semester academic calendar is brought forward so that academic activities can commence as soon as possible for each faculty;
  • the second semester’s academic activities will be undertaken exclusively through distance learning at first, until a date to be determined (internships, clinical training and research activities are exempt and may continue to take place face-to-face);
  • ensure that libraries, residences and university canteens remain operational in order to ensure the essential support for students and staff of the University of Porto;
  • face-to-face customer service will remain available by appointment only, as defined by law.

While the current guidance in Portugal is to stay at home, including the travel ban between municipalities on weekends, students and university staff are exempt from this, by law, when travelling between their home and the learning institution.

We nevertheless call on all members of the academic community to stay at home whenever possible. If you suspect that you may be infected or have symptoms, call the SNS24 helpline (808 24 24 24) immediately.

Remember that each one of us is responsible for the safety of all of us.

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