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Examinations at the University of Porto

The University of Porto’s Council of Deans held a special meeting this morning in order to examine the terms of Decree no. 3-C/2021, of 22 January, [text only available in Portuguese] which amends the regulations of the state of emergency decreed by the President.

After careful and considered analysis of the Decree, which stipulates the suspension of “in-person academic and non-academic activities at higher education institutions, without prejudice to examination periods currently underway”, and considering the need to contribute to the mitigation of the pandemic, the pedagogical autonomy conferred to the Faculties of U.Porto, the respect for the legitimate interests of all students and the need to preserve the fairness of the evaluation process, the University of Porto’s Council has unanimously decided the following:

1. Where viable and fair for all students, examinations must be conducted at a distance;

2. When this option is not viable, suitable or fair, examinations should go ahead in person, according to the exam schedule, in strict compliance with health regulations;

3. Should the Faculty decide, and if deemed necessary, a special exam period can be set, preferably at the end of the academic year, open to students who, with a legitimate reason and in the context of the pandemic, are unable to attend the existing periods.

The Council of Deans of the University of Porto

22 January 2021

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