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Appeal to the academic community

In recent days, Portugal has seen a rise in confirmed cases of SARS-CoV-2 infection. As in the rest of the country, the Porto region has also seen an increased number of virus transmissions traced back to events and other social activities that U.Porto students regularly participate in.

According to the health authorities, these cases are connected to people who are physically closer together and are not wearing a mask throughout. In particular, large dinner and social events, as well as rehearsals of academic groups.

Conversely, there have not been cases of transmission traced back to research or teaching activities at U.Porto, where the rule of permanent use of masks in all closed spaces remains in effect.

The U.Porto COVID-19 Task Force has thus issued an appeal to the academic community, reminding of the necessity for each person to adopt, at all times, the measures known to reduce the risk of infection through interpersonal contact:

– wear a mask in situations and places where people are gathered;

– maintain physical distancing wherever possible;

– in the event of the onset of symptoms, stay at home and contact the SNS24 national health service hotline: 808 24 24 24.

It is also essential that each individual carefully considers the risk involved in events before participating, considering whether it will be possible to reduce the risk of infection adequately. Finally, it is up to each of us to behave responsibly to avoid the need to adopt more restrictive measures that will affect society as a whole.

A reminder that the health authorities strongly recommend the vaccination against COVID-19 to protect against the disease and its effects.

Vaccination centers across the country remain operational for the administration of COVID-19 vaccines. Check the information online.

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