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Academic activities in the second semester of 2020/21

We reproduced the message sent by the Rector of the University of Porto to the academic community, regarding the academic activities in the second semester of the academic year 2020/2021.

Dear Members of the Academic Community,

The Council of Deans of the Faculties of the University of Porto have unanimously decided that distance learning, starting at the beginning of the 2nd semester, will continue until the Easter period. The country’s current epidemiological situation justifies this decision, which is also in line with the health authorities’ recommendations and determinations.

Second semester classes will therefore continue to be taught exclusively via distance learning until 4 April, as outlined in the University of Porto’s Contingency Plan. In-person activities remain limited to the exceptions made by the Directorate General for Higher Education (DGES), according to the recommendations concerning research and higher education institutes in the context of the extraordinary measures taken under the state of emergency.

Included in the exceptions are clinical training and internships, in particular clinical internships, as well as access to laboratories and research infrastructures to carry out work for ongoing research, notably theses and dissertations. Libraries, canteens and residences will also remain operational in order to ensure crucial social support for the University’s students and staff members.

It is important to note that, should the country’s epidemiological situation improve considerably, in-person learning at universities could resume sooner than currently expected, depending on what is determined by the health authorities and the Ministry of Science, Technology and Higher Education.

For now, we must once again express our confidence in the dedication, competence and resilience of the Academic Community of U.Porto, who, in spite of these difficult circumstances, will certainly continue to ensure the teaching and academic conditions necessary for the school year to run smoothy.

The Rector of the University of Porto,

António de Sousa Pereira

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