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How to prevent the spread of COVID-19?

COVID-19 is transmitted by close contact with people infected by the virus, or contaminated surfaces and objects. This disease is transmitted through droplets released by the nose or mouth when we cough or sneeze, which can directly reach the mouth, nose and eyes of those close to us.

Droplets can be deposited on objects or surfaces that surround the infected person. In turn, other people can become infected by touching these objects or surfaces and then touching their eyes, nose or mouth with their hands.

Therefore, we recommend special attention to the following personal hygiene measures, to prevent the spread of the disease:

– Frequently wash hands with water and liquid soap, scrubbing them rigorously for at least 20 seconds;

– Reinforce hand washing before and after contact with food, after using the toilet and upon contact with any surfaces at public locations (door handles, elevator buttons, public transports, etc.);

– For an alternative hand hygiene, use an antiseptic alcohol-based solution (ABS);

– Use paper tissues (of single use) to blow the nose;

– Throw used tissues away into a trash bin and immediately wash hands;

– Cough or sneeze into a single use paper tissue or into a bent elbow – never into the

– Avoid touching the eyes, nose and mouth;

– Promote social distancing, namely by not staying in mass gatherings in contained spaces, if not by absolute need (except for teaching and professional activities);

– Avoid greetings that involve physical contact;

– Frequently clean contact surfaces and equipment (keyboard, desk, mobile phone, etc.);

– In case any symptoms occur, such as cough, fever or difficulty breathing (on the person or on the people with them), reduce social contacts and do not go to hospital or to any health centre; call the national SNS24 hot line instead (808 24 24 24)

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