4. Susan Meiselas, Lydia Matthews, Beatriz Lacerda – about Travessia ∞ Muxima

Em Off, Conversa de Bastidores in English should be something like “Off record, Backstage Talk”. This one will have three guests.

Susan Meiselas is the president of the Magnum Foundation since 2007 and she has been working in the documentation of human rights issues for more than 40 years. It was Lydia Matthews, a Brooklyn and Athens based educator, contemporary art curator, and cultural activist, who challenged her to create an exhibition for the Biennial of Photography of Porto. Due to the pandemic, Susan Meiselas could not come and do her research physically so Beatriz Lacerda, a sociology student of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities of the University of Porto, was her eyes and feet on the ground – as also were many other members of the black community living in the city. Travessia is, therefore, a collaborative project. The result? A whole new city of Porto unfolds before our eyes!

Come and see the exhibition for yourself, till the 27th of June, in Casa Comum, at the historical building of the rectory of the University of Porto.