Soccer Junior 

The Junior Soccer competition is divided in two leagues:

  • 1-1 Standard Kit (12-19 years old)
  • Light (12-19 years old)
  • Open (12-19 years old)

The Junior Soccer competition involves the use of two autonomous robots, equipped with sensors and actuators that enable the objective of playing football. They are, however, limited in size and may not exceed 22 cm in diameter and height. An infrared pulsed signal-emitting ball is now used in the two leagues that currently exist, which differ in the types of field: whilst both fields are 122x183 cm, in league (A), the oldest, there are no sidelines or goal lines and playing against the walls is allowed, whereas in league (B), most recent, the ball can be ‘out’ and there is room for replacements. Currently, the field is green with a yellow and a blue goalpost, introducing colour as a possible orientation facility for the robots in the field.

 This exciting competition, full of strategies, tactics and goals, also features the usual referee, the only human participant. Additionally, fair play between the teams prevails throughout the game.

This competition qualifies the Portuguese teams for the RoboCupJunior Soccer competition in RoboCup2019 to be held in Sydney. RoboCupJunior is a RoboCup event oriented strand of innovative educational projects for young students under 19 years of age.

Elements of the competition  Dimensions Characteristics Photo

Place of Soccer

Soccer Field

183cm x 122cm

Green field
Five neutral points
Blue Beacon and Yellow Beacon


Game Elements

Robot (x2)

22cm in diameter
22cm in height
2400g of weight (Open League) or 1100g (Light Weight League)

Any color except blue or yellow



RoboSoccer RCJ-05 ball

Infrared Radiation Ball
Operation in A mode (pulsed signal)


Human intervention

1 referee (can be aided by an assistant who registers the goals and / or control of the game time)

Characteristics of the test

Game Time: 20 minutes (10 '+ 10') with 5 minutes interval between parties


Link to the rules of the 1-1 Standard Kit


Coordinating Team: 

Manuel Silva (ISEP)

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