FreeBots is a competition challenging the research and development community, worldwide, to present their research results in the form of a technical presentation and a public demo. The scope of the demos encompasses physical robots (one or more), mobile or not, land, aquatic or aerial. The acceptance of teams/demos may be limited due to the availability of technical conditions at the site.

Each demo will be evaluated by a jury of prominent individuals with a strong connection to robotics with respect to their: technical-scientific quality; application potential; capability to present the solution to the public; and quality and success of the demo. The top team will be declared the winner of the competition.

ROBOTICA 2019 will also contemplate activities involving the use of drones (autonomous or semi-autonomous). These will be stimulated by various research groups and companies.


Coordinating Team:

Brígida Mónica Faria (P.Porto/LIACC)


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