Free stay

We plan, as in previous years, during the National Robotics Festival 2019, that it may be possible to stay overnight at the organizing schools. To use this option it will be necessary to give that indication in the appropriate field of the registration form and bring a sleeping bag.

If you want a more comfortable and quiet option, there is a wide range of hotels and residences in the Oporto city.

Those interested should contact the hotels directly or book online.

Those who wish to stay close to the Dragon stadium can stay in this hotel.

Hotel Price
Distance from Dragon Stadium
AC Hotel by Marriott Porto **** 77€ 400 m
Porto Antas Hotel *** 71€ 850 m

The prices are only indicative

Those who wish to stay near the center of Porto or near Ribeira has dozens of hotels to choose from. Do not forget to book as fast as possible because of the very high occupancy rates.


Gondomar is a tourist destination where traditions offer us moments of pleasure for the diversity and richness of its artistic heritage, recreational, historical and cultural.

Gondomar is a territory known for Jewelry, much of its history is an established relationship between Man - Factory - Gold.

The Filigree is the privileged field in the gondomarense Goldsmithing, the artisanal production is practiced in small scale workshops, of familiar nature, using techniques passed from one generation to the next.

This inheritance continues to force forcefully in the Municipality, for example, in the ranking of the eight largest Portuguese companies of jewelery and goldsmithing five are gondomarenses. Gondomar Goldsmithing accounts for about 60% of the national production.

Gondomar also offers the most beautiful river beaches of the Douro, namely Lomba, Melres and Zebreiros. The quality of its waters and the vigilance ensured throughout the bathing season, coupled with the beautifully landscaped landscape, make these places a haven of tranquility and well-being, excellent alternatives to the hustle and bustle of coastal beaches.

Gastronomy is one of the main tourist events of Gondomar, the result of continuous achievement for more than two decades of Gastronomic Festival which enjoy a high public recognition, they are the "Feast of the Shad and Lamprey", held in February and March; "Caldo de Nabos", held in September and October. More recently, the initiative dedicated to "Rojões e Papas de Sarrabulho à Moda de Baguim do Monte", in February, has attracted a growing number of connoisseurs.

In the sweets the highlight is the "Heart of Gondomar" and the "Mimo D'Ouro", sweets inspired by regional products such as nuts, turnip and honey. Finally, highlight the growing affirmation of the green wine produced in the County.



Meals will be at the Agrupamento de Escolas nº 1 de Gondomar which is 850 meters away from Multisuso de Gondomar




The weather in Gondomar in April is mild.

The month of April is characterized by daily maximum temperatures increasing by 1 ° C, from 17 ° C to 18 ° C, rarely dropping below 13 ° C or exceeding 23 ° C.



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