FEUP has 7.000 students and 418 teachers distributed by 9 different departments that range from Industrial Engineering and Management, to Informatics and Mechanics, among others. FEUP has kept a steady pace towards excellence and innovation, with 18 spin-offs, 41 active or pending patent and brands and 24 R&D units, which involve 80% of the faculty.

FEUP has been a partner of several education institutions for research projects and innovative postgraduate courses, such as University of Texas – San Marcos, MIT, CMU and University of Texas at Austin. FEUP’s Department of Industrial Engineering and Management has been steadily invested in the Service Science, Management and Engineering field through the development of research projects and has been a pioneer with its Master Program in Service Engineering and Management, which started in 2007. FEUP is also the coordinator of the Marie Curie Innovative Training Program in Service Design for Innovation.