Venue: UPTEC

08h45 – 09h00 Check-in of Participants
09h00 – 10h00 Exhibition: Tech Demo and Business Showcase (room 1 – Showroom)     Workshop ‘Building Blocks for the Future’                     *by invitation
(room 2)
B2B Meetings
(room 5)
10h00 – 11h00 UPTEC NON-STOP: Startup Pitches (room 6)
11h00 – 12h30 The Circle 2021       *by invitation
(room 7)
12h30 – 14h00 Informal Lunch @ UPTEC
14h00 – 15h30 Exhibition: Tech Demo and Business Showcase
(room 1 – Showroom)
Workshop ‘Building Startup Communities in the Times of Changes and Disruptions’ (room 3)
15h30 – 16h30 EIT Health – Digital Health and the Quadruple Helix (room 4)
16h30 – 17h00 Coffee-break
17h00 – 18h00 Workshop ‘Building Blocks for the Future’ *Open to public – presentation of results (room 2)
18h00 – 20h30 Farewell Party @ UPTEC



Exhibition: Tech Demo and Business Showcase (09h00 – 12h30; 14h00 – 16h30 | room 1 – showroom)

The delegates will have the opportunity to present and/or just visit a wide group of technology showcases and some technology demonstrations / simulations. Any delegate can propose technologies to be presented, free of charge. The Business Showcase includes institutional showcases. The delegates have the opportunity (optional) to be present with a institutional showcase (free of charge) which offers the perfect spot for the companies to promote their expertise, products and projects, but also to interact and/or do business with other partners as well as with academic and scientific communities.

Company Area of Activity / Technologies Applied
SEAMORETECH, Lda, a Spin-off FEUP, was created in 2021 as outcome of the research work developed by the team of Prof. Adélio Mendes at LEPABE/FEUP. The company was founded by Sofia Delgado and Eva Sousa. As water scarcity is the main challenge of this century, SEA+TECH mission is to develop energy efficient projects for producing fresh water from seawater or waste water using solar energy conversion technologies to supply residential, commercial and industrial applications.
AddVolt is changing the transportation market by using RENEWABLE electrical energy. AddVolt developed the world’s first plug-in electric system for refrigerated vehicles. With our technology, transportation companies eliminate the diesel, CO2 and noise emissions. AddVolt creates high and positive impacts on the drivers’ quality of life, while it contributes to having eco-friendly vehicles.
Wisecrop is the Agricultural Operating System. A unified interface to completely manage the Agri-business. By connecting the field with the office seamlessly, it allows real-time comprehensive management and predictive insights about the crop, the resources and the final results.
Based in Porto, Portugal, we are a team of 3 friends and mechanical engineers passionate for product development. We came together in September of 2016 to dream, design, and develop TATARA’s shaving products. By noticing a market saturation in non-differential DE razors we dare to imagine a clean and elegant safety razor (SR). This one, strongly supported by minimalism trend design and with the goal of reaching a smooth and efficient shaving.
A 24/7 virtual Facility Manager that pushes commercial buildings to operate efficiently, keep spaces comfortable, detect and notify suspicious energy consumptions. Seamlessly integrated with your BMS.
A brand of sneakers, made of plastic collected from the ocean and transformed into a textile yarn, made by Portuguese artisans, and customized by the client. Each pair of sneakers contains approximately half a kilo (1lb) of plastic, corresponding to 36 plastic bottles.
Visblue AS was founded within the Universities of Porto and Aarhus in 2014. The company develops, manufactures, and markets customized energy storage solutions based on redox flow batteries. VisBlue Portugal was founded in 2017 and is headquartered in the UPTEC building (Asprela hub), Porto. Visblue Portugal develops and produces the new generation of vanadium redox flow stacks to be used in battery systems. Together, the two companies have a multidisciplinary team capable of acting in the energy transition through the introduction of technologies that use renewable energy sources for the production and storage of electricity.

Ubirider created the platform Pick, a set of mobile and web apps that serve both travellers and mobility operators, generating value by moving people, information and payments seamlessly. Using the power of smartphones, cloud computing, real-time data, communications and payments, Ubirider is building interoperability and integration between transport services, enhancing rides for meaningful journeys.

Eptune Engineering Lda. was founded in 2018 with the aim of exploiting technological gaps in the Wind and Space industries. The focus on these two markets is related to the opportunities identified by the founders, either by technological proximity of their areas of knowledge, or because there are flaws in the market that allow the know-how of the partners to bring competitive advantages. The company is currenlty bringing to market equipments for all-weather maintenace and repair of wind baldes and systems for passive orbital control of satelites.

EVERYTHINK is an award winning studio for creativity, design and innovation, established in 2008 in Porto. This is a studio where creative methodologies and strategic thinking are the keys to create new products, services and experiences, with a positive impact on people’s lives. They  work on different areas and outputs, offering diversity and experience in an effect of cross-pollination offering innovative insights, efficiency and time-to-market.

We were born at the University of Porto, in 2006, and today we are a technology company whose priority is to promote sustainable development. Our basic idea was precisely to insert the word ‘eco-efficiency’ into the Portuguese vocabulary, in order to transmit the idea that it is possible and advantageous to combine ecology with economy. Ecoinside is specialized in clean energy, sustainability and electric mobility and has a portfolio of over 200 clients. Our main purpose for the next five years is to create partnerships with companies, municipalities and industries so that they can achieve the goals of the ‘Green Deal’ and ‘Portugal 2030.
ARMIS is a company dedicated to technological innovation and software engineering, focused on the development and implementation of ambitious solutions. ARMIS stands out for having a team of highly qualified professionals, capable of carrying out challenging projects with maximum agility and efficiency. On the path to digitalization, ARMIS provides its employees with a dynamic and motivating work environment that is conducive to professional development and progression.  With offices in Porto, Lisbon, São Paulo, and Utrecht, ARMIS has been developing IT services tailored to each client around the world over its 16-year history in the areas of transport, sports, banking, health, tele-communications, and public administration.

Gripwise is a cloud-based system, with a portable connected dynamometer, gathering data for the frailty and sarcopenia assessments in a simple and effective workflow, aiming to maintain health and quality of life of the elderly.

Otitest is a connected thermometer that assess otitis, as well as body temperature, reducing the need to go to doctor’s appointments and the use of antibiotics, giving peace of mind to parents and children.

Lipowise is the best option to assess body composition because it is 30% faster than traditional skinfold callipers and connects with mobile apps and ICT systems, providing a simpler and precise assessment.

O.S.L.O is a Mechanism supporting the Central Macedonia’s innovation ecosystem in several ways: planning, implementing, monitoring, and evaluating the regional strategy, promotes private – public ventures & partnerships, helping startups and scaleups get funding via RoP, facilitates Innovation procurement tenders, brings together VC’s, accelerators, Incubators, with startup teams from all over the world, analyses trends and drivers for future proof strategic planning.
BBOTIX idea was born in 2016, from the interest of its promoters in simplifying the way in which robotics projects are developed, making it accessible and stimulating for all ages. Our project aims to generate contributions through the development of a system applied to educational blocks, with electronic components, which will constitute a base kit with access to a digital platform, proper, to stimulate knowledge and digital inclusion. Therefore, our developments is being guided by the STEAM methodology, and we are building products that integrates with other technologies and existing platforms, such as: LEGO, Arduino, Scratch, among others.
We are the largest and most dynamic business center devoted to the industry 4.0 in Portugal. A multicultural entrepreunial resort, hosting a community of 6.000 employees, from 40 different nationalities, and more than 120 companies. Our aim is to act as an agent of Innovation and acceleration of businesses and human talent at a global scale.
Midiacode is a Mobile Marketing and Mobile Content platform that delivers the best QR Code to content experience, both to content consumers and the publishers. We connect the physical to the digital world through transmedia and geolocation. Every single person on this planet has a deep need for Extra information about everything. A product, a place, a city, a class and everything else you can think about can deliver extra information. We are technology for that. We have not only the best QR Code technology, but also a Super App platform that works perfectly with those codes. Consumers can explore brands’ content in a deeper and engaging way.
Nanosens is a Belgian-Brazilian company of the health sector focused in the IVD field and the Brazilian manufacturer of Coris Bioconcept and Diagam S.A. products in Brazil, holding an ANVISA class III GMP certification.

CECOLAB (Collaborative Laboratory Towards Circular Economy) is the Coordinator of the National Network in Circular Economy. The Value Proposition of CECOLAB is “it’s not impossible the transition from a linear to a Circular Economy society model”.

AQUITEX is a company dedicated to the manufacture and sale of chemicals for the textile and ceramic industry. We seek to innovate, generate profit while maintaining a social commitment, both with employees and customers, honesty and respect for environmental and safety standards. We work every day to achieve this goal while maintaining a cohesive and motivated team.

Founded in 2011, Enging is an innovative Portuguese company, specialized on advanced and disruptive industrial Predictive Maintenance and Fault Detection solutions for Transformers, Rotating Machines and Power Electronics.

An interface entity specialized in Bioeconomy and Circular Economy invention cycle (from idea to market). A boost for the development and valorization of the Portuguese interior region based on knowledge and science.

Spartax Chemicals was founded in 2018 with a mission to address specific needs in the specialty chemicals market. The company aims to discover useful reagents and novel chemical transformations developed in a sustainable way and commercialize them at highly competitive market prices. The first example of innovation driven projects is a process for the large-scale production of Sparteine, using as raw material a compound extracted from lupin processing wastewater.




UPTEC NON-STOP: Startup Pitches (10h00 – 12h30 | room 6)

UPTEC Non-Stop is an opportunity for entrepreneurs installed at UPTEC (Science and Technology Park of UPorto) to present their business ideas to the wider scientific community, industry representatives, investors and to the media. The companies represented come from various scientific areas and each will have 5 minutes designated for a pitch in order to incite interest in the potential partners and investors. The event will take place at the UPTEC Asprela campus.




The Circle 2021 (11h00 – 12h30 | room 7)

This activity is designated for the members of the Circle (no open to public registrations).

The Circle is a club formed by companies that have emerged from the entrepreneurial and innovative ecosystem of the University of Porto. The Club is promoted by U.Porto Innovation together with the founders of the companies that bear the U.Porto Spin-off seal. It is a unique initiative that brings spin-offs together in forums to debate the main challenges facing companies within some of the most dynamic value chains in the world. U.Porto develops its innovation ecosystem in conjunction with these companies, streamlining the exchange of experiences and the improvement of their processes and business. Partners include: Porto Business School, Santander Universidades, UPTEC.


Co-funded by: 




Workshop ‘Building Blocks for the Future’ (09h00 – 11h00; 17h00 – 18h00 | room 2)

Society  | Circularity  | Health and Well-being 

Coordinated by  

09h00 – 11h00  (*by invitation)
The aim of the first part of this workshop is to wrap up the underlying themes of the event ‘BIN@PORTO 2021′ (based on the prior interviews with Open Sessions’ speakers and other invited experts) and make final conclusions about what had been presented and discussed throughout the event. The morning session thus only counts with the participation of the invited experts and is thus by invitation only. 

17h00 – 18h00 (*Open to public)
The evening part of the workshop, presentation of results, is open to all interested participants as the key takeaways from the event are introduced – the results and conclusions that will serve as the final material for the production of the event White Paper.




Workshop ‘Building Startup Communities in the Times of Changes and Disruptions’ (14h00 – 15h30 | room 3)

This workshop will focus on 4 different case-studies of startup communities.

Moderator: Maria Oliveira, UPTEC
Mark Birch, AWS
Henrique Reis, SUPERA Parque
Daniela Monteiro, Porto Digital
Chen Shmilo, 8200 Impact

UPTEC supports the creation and development of business projects in the arts, sciences and technologies and hosts national and international innovation centres. UPTEC also offers a propitious environment for innovation and the creation of companies, as it assumes itself as a valuable role in bridging the gap between the knowledge generated at the University and the market. Besides, its vision is to become a world reference Science and Technology Park, capable of driving change and reinventing the Portuguese economy. Since 2007, UPTEC has supported more than 630 business projects, graduated 86 companies, and contributed — in 2019, only — to the direct and indirect creation of 6500 new jobs.

Maria Oliveira 
Maria Oliveira is Business Director at UPTEC. With more than 15 years’ experience working in technology transfer, entrepreneurship and innovation management, Maria worked in several capacities in Portugal and abroad, namely in innovation consultancy, heading of U.Porto Innovation, invited fellow of Boston University, Executive Director of UTEN, a component of the UT Austin | Portugal Program. She is regularly invited as an external expert to evaluate proof of concept proposals for the European Commission and to participate in conferences and seminars. Maria graduated in Engineering (UTAD), with a M.Sc. in Innovation and Technological Entrepreneurship (U.PORTO), an Executive Certificate in Management and Leadership from the MIT Sloan School of Management and MBA from Porto Business School.


AWS is the world’s most comprehensive and broadly adopted cloud platform, offering over 200 fully featured services from data centers globally. Millions of customers are using AWS to lower costs, become more agile, and innovate faster, including the world’s top startups, from Airbnb to Zocdoc. There’s a reason more startups build on AWS than any other provider: we’re here to help you succeed, from inception to IPO. Whether you’re looking for help solving a technical challenge, hiring the right engineers, or finalizing a fundraising round, we have the resources you need to get started.

Mark Birch
Mark is a community builder, software entrepreneur, and startup advisor. He currently works at AWS as a Principal Startup Advocate helping founders and technical teams on how startups successfully build and scale their startups on AWS. Previously, Mark was at Stack Overflow to launch their SaaS Q&A platform.
Mark is the author of Community-in-a-Box where he shares lessons from his time at Stack Overflow and his own community efforts. He founded DEVBIZOPS, a community for technology leaders. He also is the founder of the Enterprise Sales Forum, a global community of 25,000 B2B sales professionals to learn, collaborate & network. Connect with Mark at https://www.linkedin.com/in/startupmark/


Supera Park is an innovation environment responsible for attracting technology companies especially  in the sectors of Health, Biotechnology, Information Technology, Bioenergy and Agribusiness. The Park Integrates universities, research institutes, startups and technology companies through the exchange of knowledge and technologies. The Park has a portfolio of 86 companies, which 60 of them are on the Incubation Program, 22 are inside the Business Center and 4 are foreigner companies in the Softlanding Program. Supera Park is in the ranking of World Top University Business Incubator  – from the UBI Global World Rankings of Business Incubators and Accelerators 2019/2020.

Henrique Reis
Henrique is the coordinator of the International Office at Supera Innovation and Technology Park of Ribeirão Preto, responsible for the communication with foreign companies, embassies, consulates, incubators and technological parks. He is also the responsible for the development of the Sofltanding Program, which structures a business and compatibility market analysis for a foreign company for the Brazilian market. Henrique graduated in Business Management from State University of Londrina (UEL).



A private non-profit association, promoting the creation of a digital community, which values innovation and entrepreneurship in the context of the city of Porto and its metropolitan area. Aimed at developing the city’s digital technological and communications infrastructure, as well as to develop tools to support the processes and actions of open innovation and cocreation and to ensure the implementation of effective public policies and services. Through Porto Digital, the Municipality is supporting entrepreneurs in transforming challenges into innovative business opportunities, supporting their growth and internationalization process.

Daniela Monteiro
Daniela Monteiro is Head of Entrepreneurship at Porto Digital, collaborating with the innovation ecosystem in the city of Porto to enhance its potential. She’s worked with entrepreneurs and new companies since she co-founded Startup Pirates, a pre-acceleration program for aspiring entrepreneurs, that grew to more than 60 cities in 20 countries. She’s also worked with public and private organizations, developing and implementing innovation projects and was Executive Director at Startup Braga, startup accelerator and incubator on digital economy, nanotechnology and medical technologies.



Founded by 8200 alumni in 2013, 8200 IMPACT is the first acceleration program and community in Israel for impact-tech startups, that aim to tackle significant social or environmental challenges through advanced technology, for the benefit of society and economy both locally and globally. Up to date, the program’s alumni startups have raised more than $58M and created over 170 jobs, with a survival rate of 55%. The 7th cycle of the program focuses on Climate-tech, Health-tech and accessibility. 8200 Impact is also a design partner of Calling 2 Scale, a program led by EIT Hub Israel to support Impact-tech startups in the growth stage. 

Chen Shmilo
Chen Shmilo is a veteran of Unit 8200 and the Prime Minister’s Office, a lawyer by profession. At the beginning of his professional career, Chen served as a parliamentary advisor to the chairwoman of a faction in the Israeli Parliament, and later was appointed Public Policy Director at the Israeli Medical Association. In 2018, Chen was appointed CEO of Israeli AIDS/HIV Task Force, and in 2020 was selected to be the Managing Director at 8200 Impact in the 8200 Alumni Association. He’s also a steering committee member of Israel-Tohoku Startup Global Challenge, a unique accelerator for Impact-tech Japanese startups, and a Co-Managing Director of 8200 Cactus, an acceleration program for ESG-oriented startups led by Ben Gurion University’s students and alumni.  





EIT Health – Digital Health and the Quadruple Helix (15h30 – 16h30 | room 4)

This session counts with the participation of panellists coming from different involved sectors and has the following composition:

Moderator: Joana Carrilho | University of Porto
Academia: Benjamim Harris | University of Oxford
Civil Society: João Malva | Ageing@Coimbra
Industry: José Bastos | knok Healthcare
Healthcare professional: Tiago Taveira | MTG Healthcare Data Services

Joana Carrilho
Joana Carrilho has a degree in Aquatic Sciences and a PhD in Biomedical Sciences from the Abel Salazar Institute of Biomedical Sciences – University of Porto. Between 2002 and 2013 she was uninterruptedly linked to scientific research in the area of genetics. Alongside her scientific growth, she also developed her teaching and communication skills, being a certified trainer and facilitator in Innovation (FORTH methodology) especially in the area of Health, and a mentor in the area of communication and debate. Before joining Porto4Ageing team at the University of Porto, she worked in a consulting company in the areas of internationalisation, management and project planning. Over the last few years she has dedicated herself to the areas of entrepreneurship promotion, protection of intellectual property and commercialization of technologies. She has experience in managing international projects for sharing best practices and improving management policies in the health sector. 

Benjamin Harris
Clinical doctor with PhD in Cancer and Machine Learning (University of Oxford). Innovative Educator & Fellow of the Higher Education Academy and Academy of Medical Educators EIT Health project lead (Education & Accelerator pillars). He is a dedicated, efficient and empathetic doctor with a passion for providing excellent clinical care. Benjamin exercises this passion through his teaching, entrepreneurial activities, research and clinical practice. He is an accomplished tutor holding teaching positions at the University of Oxford and a pioneer in novel learning approaches. Further, he is a keen researcher both at the bench and bedside with numerous academic publications and expertise in personalised medicine, bioinformatics and machine learning which he has applied to help unravel the complexities of malignancy. He will be talking about our novel EdTech platform which is transforming learning across the globe.

João O. Malva
João O. Malva is a Neuroscientist, Ageing Research Network Manager and Research Coordinator at the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Coimbra. He is founder of Ageing@Coimbra, four stars Reference Site of the European Innovation Partnership on Active and Healthy Ageing. João Malva has been coordinator of strategic projects funded under Horizon 2002, including the ERA Chair at the University of Coimbra, the teaming project of the Multidisciplinary Institute of Ageing (MIA-Portugal) and the EIT Health Ageing PhD School, just to mention some of the most impacting achievements. He holds H factor 42 and has been cited near 5000 time. He was President of the Portuguese Society for Neuroscience 2007-2011.


José Bastos
José Bastos is an experienced high-level manager driven by his dream of providing universal healthcare to the world.  As Co-founder & CEO of knok Healthcare, his goals include empowering every person on the planet to have access to quality and affordable health care. José has a degree in Management from the University of Oporto and a Mergers and Acquisition Programme from the University of Chicago – Booth and is fluent in Portuguese, English, French, Italian and Spanish. Before knok, he worked for 17 years in Finance and Strategic Planning at a multinational. He has managed international and multicultural teams and developed businesses in a global context.


Tiago Taveira
Tiago Taveira is a specialist in Family Medicine, visiting Professor at FMUP, UFP and CESPU, in the areas of Preventive Medicine, General Practice, Medical Informatics, and Data Science. He is also the founder and CEO of MTG Healthcare Data Services, a company dedicated to the application of Data Science and Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions in the health sector.






B2B Meetings (09h00 – 12h30 | room 5)

Pre-scheduled B2B meetings. All the delegates who would like to participate in this activity can demonstrate their interest in B2B Meeting by ticking the relevant box in the online registration form and specify thereafter the type of partner they would wish to meet in order the event organisation team could promote the match. If the proposal for a meeting proves to be successful (i.e. both counterparts confirm their interest), a B2B Meeting has been pre-scheduled. 


Additionally, and in partnership with Business & Innovation Network (BIN@) partners, we have enabled the opportunity to take part in remote B2B Meetings to delegates who are unable to physically be present in the event but are still interested in taking part in the B2B Meetings with other participating companies/organisations. The delegates participating remotely represent the following companies:

E-doctor has the purpose of democratizing access to health through telemedicine, our teleconsultation solution connects patients to health professionals of various specialties. We have our own clinical team in Brazil and the technology has agenda management, electronic medical records, and digital prescriptions. We serve health operators and in B2C we are focused on the pharmaceutical retail market through two major players, with more than 350 stores in Brazil, and some other players in advanced negotiations. In Africa, we have an operation in Angola and initial talks to open a market in Mozambique.
We offer Internationalization solutions for companies that include those services: 1) language classes + culture knowledge of the target country; 2)simultaneous translations for events, and 3) language learning communities.
Maxbot is a digital service platform that allows you to place several attendants performing services from channels such as WhatsApp, Telegram and Web Chat. The services are structured through protocol numbers, which are registered in our database and have legal validity.


CONNECTMIX is a pioneer startup in digital audio monitoring system in radios and TVs throughout the country, developed for artists and entrepreneurs of music, an excellent monitoring tool, able to show the user where and when their music is playing in real time, with geographic location on the map and dynamic reports, customized according to your needs.The biggest problem for most companies is to have an exact vision of the real broadcasting of advertising investments in radio and TV. Therefore, in addition to music monitoring, CONNECTMIX also acts in the monitoring of advertising campaigns and in the support management of radio stations. Through a complete dashboard, managers can issue music ranking reports, connectivity graphs and identification of monitored spots.
CarbonZerø is a technology company that, using the most advanced real-time 3D creation tools, creates realistic, interactive and immersive virtual experiences for digital initiatives. No downloads are required and it works on any device.
SMARTIS is a smart pricing calculator designed for small retail. It’s an app in which the entrepreneur himself inserts his business data and gets information about whether his establishment is lucrative in a few minutes. How many does he earn monthly? What’s the best possible price for each product? Which ones are the most profitable? Are there products that negatively affect the success of your business? Besides, SMARTIS calculator can make fast pricing simulations and show the user how each data input affects their business in real-time display. Therefore, our service helps the small business owner make better strategic decisions in order to maintain the establishment, maximize his profits and avoid financial losses.

We make people and teams more collaborative, engaged and innovative through gamified algorithms and methods.

AgroIQ is a startup specialized in technological innovation and Artificial Intelligence for all productive steps in Brazilian agribusiness. Our data-based products aim to help farmers make quality decisions at the right time to achieve maximum success in all production cycles.
Celo4 Earth is a Brazilian startup company specialized in Technology and trading of Carbon Credits. We offer to our customers the higher quality of Carbon Credits’ trading process, and we garantee this through our Emissions Offset Platform based on Blockchain network. Besides that, we count on the best and most effective Carbon Projects in Brazil. Came with us, be a part of Change.
Flux Energy is a startup that works with energy savings and aims to bring the best energy solution to the last customer, for that, it has several suppliers that enable the sale of five main products, distributed generation, photovoltaic plants , the quota part, medium and high voltage economy and consumption management; to carry out sales, it has consultants who work on a door-to-door model, to provide consultancy and personalized service to the last customer.
Proffer combines cost-effective techniques with artificial intelligence to adjust prices to a level of granularity and precision that was not previously possible. This tool offers new approaches to generate value in Pricing strategies.
We Press Club brings together journalists and public relations professionals dedicated to the production of news – aligned with the purposes of sustainable and regenerative development (ESG). It proposes to serve the market by connecting vehicles and institutions with qualified Communication professionals throughout the country, offering agility, capillarity, and reduction of bureaucracy.

We are a multidisciplinary team, with more than 27 years of expertise in livestock farming that came together to develop tools to make the ecosystem more efficient. We digitalized the means of commercialization in livestock farming, delivering cost savings, agility, and more business opportunities for the production chain.

This is the commercial extension of startups, It is a flexible and highly profitable franchise model as it provides the franchisee with the opportunity to work in various segments and without limitation of territorial area. We have 15 franchises in Brazil and 1 in Portugal, that have its commercial team trained and prepared by Startupwin and partner startups.