8th Webinar


The TALOE web tool

Date and time
Wednesday, 11 November 2015, starting at 4:00PM CET – WATCH THIS WEBINAR


Sandra Kučina Softić
Assistant Director for Training and User Support at the University Computing Centre University of Zagreb

Rita Falcão de Berredo
Head of the Research Support Office at Universidade Nova de Lisboa

Éva Szalma
Project Officer at European Distance and E-Learning Network (EDEN)

Background and Summary
The TALOE web tool is developed to help teachers and trainers decide on the assessment strategies to use in their online courses. The tool is envisaged to be used by teachers either to check if the existing assessment methods of their course or module are in line with the stated learning outcomes or to be advised on the most appropriate assessment methods for a new course or module. The decision engine is based on the ALOA (Aligning Learning Outcomes and Assessment) model and consists in the estimation of a score as a measure of the best matching between the cognitive processes submitted by the user and the specific ones of a given assessment method. The web platform also provides support and guidance to teachers to formulate the learning outcomes in accordance with Bloom taxonomy increasing this way the accuracy of the outcome received from the tool.
During the webinar, the presenters will demonstrate the tool, and talk about the ALOA conceptual model that highlights the connection between the intended learning outcomes and the assessment strategy used during a course.

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Access to webinar room
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