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The E-learning Centre week in Zagreb

From 22 September to 1 October The E-learning Centre week will take place at one of the TALOE partners, SRCE in Zagreb, Croatia. During this week workshops, courses and lectures on the topic of e-learning will be held.

The purpose of these events is to assist teachers to acquire new knowledge in the field of e-learning, improve their teaching competences and find the best way to integrate technologies of e-learning in the educational process.
In addition to workshops and courses related to the technology of e-learning, SRCE organised workshops on learning outcomes, which are related to TALOE as well. The webinar entitled Ask your learning outcomes what you should be assessing about our project will also be part of this one-week event.

A workshop on the evaluation and assessment based on learning outcomes will be on Tuesday, 23 September and another workshop on learning outcomes and evaluation methods in e-learning will be held on Friday, 26 September.

 The E-learning Centre at SRCE is providing support to users in the application of information and communication technologies and e-learning.

TALOE presentation at the Synergy Strand of EDEN 2014 Conference

EU projects and practices – that display thematic cross sections with the Conference Themes of EDEN Annual Conference – were invited to introduce themselves during the Synergy Strand. TALOE took this opportunity, since the aim of the initiative – sharing of project outputs and research findings, offering the participants platform to develop new ideas and plans, to create new partnerships – supports the processes of the project: sharing of experiences and finding partners for the test period of the TALOE platform that is due to be launched in the end of the year.

Ildikó Mázár of EDEN had a short presentation about the project at the Fairground with the support of László Komáromi, furthermore the short project description is published in the Book of Abstracts. The purpose of the Fairground sessions was to raise attention to the different initiatives gathered in the room and to get acquainted with them.

Next day EDEN staff represented the project in two Working Groups: Ildikó Mázár participated at the WG4 (E-learning courses to support businesses and employment) and Barbara Lázár attended the WG1 (Inspiring teaching practices and competence development for ubiquitous learning) session where they had the chance to chat with the small audience about A) the importance of online course quality and having solid e-assessment strategies to support course delivery and B) the possibility of testing the TALOE platform next year.

One important observation having come out of the session is that many of the introduced projects could benefit in the future from the results and recommendations of TALOE, as a few initiatives were in progress of developing learning materials and services. Often the focus of these projects is content and structure rather than assessment, so the aims and goals, as well as the expected results of TALOE prove to be still timely, relevant and beneficial.

Many potentially relevant projects were collected during the sessions, hopefully there will be chance for a closer cooperation with them. If EDEN continues to organize Synergy sessions in the future, TALOE expectedly continues being involved.