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New TALOE webinar: “Mind the Gap! Perceptual differences and learning”

A new webinar “Mind the Gap! Perceptual differences and learning” is due on 16 September, 2015 at 11.00 CET, as part of the TALOE webinar series “Talks on e-assessment and learning outcomes”. The lecturer will be Steve Wheeler,  associate professor of Learning Technology in Plymouth Institute of Education, Plymouth University. He is going to discuss different gaps teachers and students face every day – generational gaps, gaps in understanding, expectation gaps, gaps in literacy, intention gaps – which can be widened or narrowed by using technology. He also explores flipped roles, digital assessment and technology enhanced learning in his presentation.

Participants can join the webinar at without previous registration.

You can comment the sixth topic and put questions to the presenters in advance here. The recording of the previous webinars of the series are available here, and so will be all the future webinars.

Global report of implementation is available to download

In WP5 – Implementation with case studies – one of the activities was to use the case studies collected for test and evaluate the web-based e-assessment platform, especially its usability and the quality of the results on selected case studies and by real users.

First phase testing was done with 18 collected case studies and performed by the project partners to see if the suggested e-assessment methods are closely related to the defined learning outcomes. The results showed that the majority of the teachers have defined the appropriate e-assessment methods for the learning outcomes. In some cases, the TALOE web tool suggested additional possibilities in terms of e-assessment methods. For several cases the TALOE web tool indicated that the existing assessment methods should be revised.

Second phase testing was done with invited stakeholders. The analysis of received feedback showed a positive evaluation regarding the usability of the tool and the quality of the output/results, i.e. the e-assessment method suggestions. Invited users found this tool easy to use and useful but would like to see it improved for more complex testing. These results also confirmed that the web tool provides support and guidance to teachers to formulate the learning outcomes in accordance to Bloom taxonomy, as intended and planned by the task. It also increases the accuracy of e-assessment methods received by the tool and the alignment between learning outcomes, assessment techniques and teaching methods.

You can read the full report here.

3rd TALOE Newsletter is now available

The newsletter gives further information about the considerable progress reached by the partnership since the publication of the second newsletter in March.

The web-based e-assessment platform was finalised and available to the public.  Demonstrations and presentations of the tool and the used assessment model took place in several international conferences including the IACEE 2015 workshop on online learning in Beijing, China, the 47th EUCEN Conference in Istanbul, the EDEN Annual Conference in Barcelona and the EUNIS Elearning Task Force Workshop in Dundee.

The successfull TALOE webinar series will continue during the fall as well with the new webinar titled “Mind the Gap! Perceptual differences and learning” scheduled on 16 September 2015, starting at 11:00AM CET. The lecturer will be Steve Wheeler, associate professor of Learning Technology in Plymouth Institute of Education, Plymouth University.

The newsletter is circulated via the partnership’s mailing lists of their members and stakeholders, and social networks.

Recording of TALOE webinar “Composing assessment for the multimodal classroom” is now available

The TALOE consortium hold another successful webinar on 15 June about about the increasing possibility of taking a multimodal approach in the construction of academic knowledge due to the growing digital influence within higher education. The presenter was James Lamb, Assistant Director of Lothians Equal Access Programme for Schools (LEAPS), in Edinburgh.

The recording is available here, and the previous webinars of the series are available here.