Recording of webinar “Content analysis and critical thinking – An assessment study” is available

A successful webinar entitled “Content analysis and critical thinking – An assessment study” was held on 21st January, as the opening session of TALOE monthly series of“Talks on E-assessment and Learning Outcomes”. The lecturer, Antonella Poce was speaking about the project of the University Roma Tre that assessed the following hypothesis: with providing further cultural insights according to well-defined models on which to undertake guided discussions, the critical thinking skills of students increase. The students’ written productions were treated with a lexicometric analysis using the Taltac software, and with content analysis, through adaptation of the Newman, Webb and Cochrane (1997) model. The results were presented during the webinar.

If you missed the event, or you would like to see it again, the recording is now available here.

The next part of the webinar series is going to be held on Wednesday, February 18th, entitled “Assessment Strategy: Managing and Supporting Assessment Designers.” by Elaine Walsh from Dublin City University. Further information is coming soon.