The Symposium will be held at the Campus of the Faculty of engineering of the University of Porto, in Portugal.

Porto is the largest city of the Northern Portugal. The Historic Centre of Porto, classified as World Heritage by UNESCO, is one of the most attractive entertainment venues for visitors, providing a rich variety of monuments and ordinary dwelling, from different periods stretching back as far as the 14th century. The city of Porto and its river, Douro, cannot be dissociated. The Douro valley, with its lovely terraces of vineyards clinging to the hillsides, is the kingdom of the famous Port Wine (IVDP Web site) and offers visitors spectacular views. Porto is the centre of a culturally and naturally rich region that gathers together history, arts and nature (sea and mountains); it is a perfect starting point for tourist excursions (of various duration’s and flavours).

Porto has been appointed as the European Best Destination for 2017.