(Source: University of Porto)

All students coming to Portugal from countries outside of the European Union must confirm the need to obtain a Visa. Some countries/nationalities are exempt from holding a Visa to enter Portugal. Please consult the List of countries, available in the Portal of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs: who needs visa?


Students whose nationality requires a visa must apply for it at the competent Portuguese consular office in their home country.


Short Stay Visa (recommended for ICPC participants)

According to the type of visa issued by the embassy/consulate of any Schengen country there are different restrictions that apply to the particular visa in accordance to the nature of travelling and other relevant circumstances.


The short Stay Visa is the one recommended for ICPC participants, since it allows its holder the entry in Portugal for purposes that, being accepted by the competent authorities, do not justify the grant of another kind of visa, namely for the purpose of traffic, tourism and visit or accompanying family members who hold a temporary stay visa. This type of Visa has a duration of 90 days.


Please note that whenever students do not pass through immigration control upon entering Portugal, they must present themselves to the Foreigners and Borders Service (SEF) within 3 days of their arrival to complete a Declaration of Entry. This procedure is mandatory and the deadline must be respected, except if staying in a Hotel, Hostel or University Residences.


For additional information about Short Stay Visas and required documentation, please consult: or the e-mail [email protected].