High Tech Porto

(Source: Portodigital.pt)

As one of the major urban areas in Southern Europe,  Porto has designed and embraced policy strategies focused on citizen’s centred sustainability, energy efficiency, R&D and economic growth.

With an interdisciplinary approach, the city’s well-known strengths are aligned with the excellence of the work developed by the academia. With the support of reference industry partners, hundreds of qualified jobs were created and the city is becoming a place where people, especially young entrepreneurs, are inspired by a new risk culture and integrated into a new multicultural and international ecosystem.

Porto is attracting talent to the city, developing solutions required by citizens, reducing social exclusion, and increasing security.

Synergies and the reduction of fragmentation have been making the city a tech, innovative and creative entrepreneurial hub.

Porto is a facilitator of innovation. The city becomes a living lab, citizens challenge companies, entrepreneurs and researchers, and all of them work together to solve real problems, with differentiated solutions able to be replicated.

The city is attaching special importance to measures, at a city scale, to strengthen the local innovation ecosystem and to network them at local, regional, national and international levels.