The schedule can be subject to change without notice

Sunday, May 26th: Rectorate Building
17.00-18.30 Registration
17.00-18.30 Museum Tour
18.30 ECCA AGM
19.00 Welcome Reception and University of Porto presentation [Presentation]
19.10 ECCA aims and objectives [Presentation]
19.30 “Internationalization of Universities: Trends and challenges”
António Marques, University of Porto [PT] [Presentation]
19.50 Buffet
Monday, May 27th: Faculty of Sciences
8.30 Registration
9.00 Official Opening
University of Porto Rector
Faculty of Sciences Director
ECCA President
9.25 “Will Mobile Phones replace ID-Cards?”
Serra Luck, HID Global [Presentation]
9.50 “Opportunities of Santander University Smart Card”
Vicente Prior, Santander Universities Global Division [SP] [Presentation]
10.15 “The evolution, acceptance and expansion of the MavCard”
Brian Bollich, University of Nebraska Omaha [USA] [Presentation]
10.40 Break
11.00 “Mobile print solutions. The Connectkey technology!”
João Dias, Xerox [PT] [Presentation]
11.25 “Case Study – Adapting Access Control Solutions to Campus Requirements”
José Luís Rocha, Telemax [PT] [Presentation]
11.50 “New IEC-norm concerning requirements for access control systems & examples of how RFID & NFC enabled devices can work in such environments”
Jonas Ahlgren, Bravida Säkerhet [SE] [Presentation]
12.15 “Latest trends in Campus access”
Agnieszka Filipowicz, Salto Systems [SP] [Presentation]
12.40 Lunch
13.40 “The SIBS Cartões solutions for universities card emission”
João Antunes, SIBS Cartões [PT] [Presentation]
14.05 “Adding value and mobility to campus cards”
Måns Thuresson & Mats Fredrikson, Mecenat [SE]
14.30 “The mobile revolution: Identification, access and micropayment with NFC phones. Technology basics and an outlook for Campus applications.”
Carlos Paternain, NXP Semiconductor [NL] [Presentation]
14.55 Break & Exhibition Time
15.40 “New challenges on campus’ smartcards”
Jorge Lanza, University of Cantabria [SP] [Presentation]
16.10 Workshop – “Advancing Student Identity[Presentation]
18.00 Depart Hotel HF Ipanema Park – Gala Dinner
Tuesday, May 28th: Faculty of Sciences
9 .00 “The MIFARE technology platform – enabling campus card applications worldwide. Including recommendations for security migrations from MIFARE Classic to MIFARE DESFire”
Carlos Paternain, NXP Semiconductor [NL] [Presentation]
9.25 “Common European signage and emblem for RFID technology”
Daniel Lopour, Czech Technical University in Prague [CZ] [Presentation]
9.50 “The Developing Trends in Biometrics”
Michal Strzelecki, Technical University of Lodz [PL] [Presentation]
10.15 “Web Top Up & Mobile App”
Eugene McKenna, Waterford Institute of Technology [IR] [Presentation]
10.40 Break & Exhibition Time
11.25 “University SmartCard on e-Government services and USC International Observatory”
University of Murcia [SP] [Presentation]
11.50 “Case study collaboration between Linkoping university and Umeå university in a cloud-based campus card system”
Tor Fridell & Ingo Hölscher Linkoping University & Bobo Spetz, Umeå University [SE] [Presentation]
12.15 “Portuguese Universities: synergies towards a better Campus Card System”
Carlos Araújo & Rui Costa, University of Beira Interior [PT] [Presentation]
12.40 Lunch & Exhibition Time
14.00 Workshop – “Student Mobility[Presentation]
14.45 ECCA Award for best presentation & Closing Session

Social Programme

The gala dinner will take place at one of the cellars of the famous port wine and includes a guided tour: Ferreira Cellars