António Fernando Silva, full Professor at Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry of Faculty of Sciences of the University of Porto (FCUP), hold several academic positions and functions namely, Head of the pedagogical council (1988-1996 e 2004-2010), Head of the Department of Chemistry (2002-2005) and elected member of the Senate of University of Porto and scientific Council of the Faculty of Sciences.

Currently is the Dean of the Faculty of Sciences. Integrated several commissions of the national assessment of university courses and acted as referee for the evaluation of projects at national and international level.

He is coordinator of the Research Centre “Centro de Investigação em Química da Universidade do Porto (CIQ-UP)” and Scientific leader of the research group on Physical Analytical Chemistry and Electrochemistry and published more than 140 scientific papers in peer review journal.

The scientific interests are in Electrochemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Surface Chemistry and in the last years in Risk Analysis and Environmental and Occupational Hygene and Safety.

He participated either as coordinator or group leader in several national and european funded research projects.

He was vice president of ISE – International Society of Electrochemistry and Chairman of Electrochemistry Division of the Federation of European Chemical societies.