Título – The Savior of Science – O Salvador da Ciência
Autor – Jaki, Stanley
Palavras-chave – religiãociência, (religion, science)
Tema – Religião, Ciência

Jaki, Stanley. The Savior of Science.  Regnery Gateway, 1988.



An award-winning philosopher uncovers the Christian foundations of modern science.

Renowned historian and philosopher of science Stanley Jaki boldly illumines one of the best-kept secrets of science history— the vital role theology has historically played in fruitful scientific development.

Beginning with an overview of failed attempts at a sustained science by the ancient cultures of Greece, China, India, and the early Muslim empire, Jaki shows that belief in Christ—a belief absent in all these cultures—secured for science its only viable birth starting in the High Middle Ages. In the second part of the book Jaki argues that Christian monotheism alone provides the intellectual safeguards for a valid cosmological argument, restores the sense of purpose destroyed by theories of evolution, and secures firm ethical guidelines against fearful abuses of scientific know-how.

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