The Business Ignition Programme is a business model iteration program for technologies and scientific projects developed in academia. In 2020, the programme will be fully online and will start in the 28th of October.

1st Prize – 4000€
2nd Prize – 2500€
3rd Prize – 1000€

BIP 2020’s prizes are a support given to the best teams in the programme in order to enhance the technology or business maturity of their project. Participants are willing to choose what the desired support is, as long as it accomplishes the goal outlined previously and it is within the maximum budget for each prize category.

Prizes should be spent until three months after they have been awarded, unless something else is agreed between the organizers and winning team. Each prize (and its execution) will be object of an agreement between the organizers and each winning team on which services or goods the team will spent its budget.

I have an idea or project and I intend to
create a BIP team

All interested parties may apply to bring a business based on an innovative technology through the Business Ignition Programme (9 online sessions with 2 hours each). At the end of a programme there will also be a pitch day!


Does your company have a challenge/need/problem that you want to address within the programme?