2SMART Engineered smart materials for smart citizens

The aim of the 2SMART, engineered smart materials for smart citizens, project proposal is to develop smart solutions of engineering and design to improve quality of life and health of citizens. 2SMART fits in the "Climate-neutral and Smart Cities" mission of Horizon Europe, where the “cities and metropolitan areas”, as centers of economic activity, knowledge generation, innovation and new technologies, impact upon the quality of life of citizens who live and/or work in them and they are major contributors to global challenges.

2SMART project will profit from the complementary competences and resources of the participating R&D units of the University of Porto, creating synergies from fundamental to applied research, where art and innovation combine. Together the 4 R&D units, LEPABE, Laboratory for Process Engineering, Environment, Biotechnology and Energy; LSRE-LCM, Laboratory of Separation and Reaction Engineering – Laboratory of Catalysis and Materials; CEFT, Transport Phenomena Research Center and i2ADS, Research Institute in Art, Design and Society, will link their knowledge and resources to provide the Northern Region of Portugal with efficient solutions through the following activities.

Activity 1

Engineered smart materials for energy


Activity 2

Engineered smart materials for protection of air quality


Activity 3

Engineered smart materials by digital manufacturing for environmental applications


Activity 4

Engineered smart materials for cancer diagnosis and therapy


Activity 5

Communicating science and technology with art and design




Artistic Residencies

March-April 2022Nanomaterials

André Rangel


Carolina Grilo Santos


Catarina Braga